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About Us


Viticulture under the Herzegovina sun

Authenticity, sustainability and passion – this is what we stand for: Our young winery is located in the heart of Herzegovina in the Mostar wine region. The wines from this region impress with their terroir, aromas and autochthonous varieties, which are a rarity among European wines. What makes this region so special is its Mediterranean climate, its proximity to the Adriatic coast and the traditional heritage of the Roman era.

It's all about sun, sea, stone and really hard work.

William Shakespeare


A family tradition that remains

The passion for Herzegovinian wine culture was developed by great-grandfather Majić, who planted the first vines back in the early 1920s and passed the legacy on to his four sons. Back then, the first wines were produced for personal enjoyment in the family wine cellar.

With the revival of viticulture in 2018, we continue to cultivate our young vines with great passion today, from which our first top wines have already emerged.

The wine tradition and associated passion of our family as well as our many years of experience in gastronomy build the foundation of our modern, aspiring winery.

Small winery, great taste!